Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Make A Wish Make A Wish

Picture yourself a single person, not a bad life right? Eat when you want, sleep when you want, that is if your not working. Now, picture yourself also with no family; no mom, no dad, no brothers or sisters, no one to argue with right?

Now its the holidays; you know Thanksgiving and Christmas? A time to be merry and bright, right?  But lets face it that merry and bright departed when you found yourself alone. Then you ask yourself, "why put up the decorations  when only you will see them?" That makes no sense right? Plus you need to find a way to curb that energy bill, right?

Thats why this 2017, yours truly, created a I Wish page for all to see and use. On the page you will see its broken down into various categories, to make it a little easier to use. All except one refer back to my Amazon account where you, the reader, can choose which gift you want to bless me with. From DVD's to household and garden ideas I tried to put everything there thats wanted. or needed around the house.

What's nice about this page is it works not only for the holidays but birthdays or just thinking about you type days.

So... What you say want to help make a wish come true for one fellow who is single and retired?

If you do happen to make a wish come true. I know you would make this writter one happy person

Thursday, December 7, 2017

Special Announcement


After 5 years on the World Wide Web, reaching over 100000 visitors, in over 50 countries the following will transpire. 
Thunderdome Ministries Network will be closing its online presence effective midnight December 31 2017. This decision was actually made several years ago but we kept pressing forward.

Two reasons for he closure were #1 lack of volunteers to help create the website(s) #2 lack of funding from internet visitors.

Thunderdome Ministries will continue only is a different setting(s) as God bless financially.

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Dear Pastor Blue this ones for you.

Dear readers

Two days before Easter 2016 I lost my mentor of 26 wonderful years. 

While you may not think much about this left me explain;

I met Pastor Richard E. Blue on August 22 1988. He believed in reaching the lost for the Lord just as I did. While his styles and mine were different we got things done. But there is more, so much more.
e I always lost
You see dispite our age differences we were more than Pastor-student. We were who played tennis, putt-putt golf,  we would play a game of chess or so dispite I would lose a game or so. I would mow his yard, painted one of his home. What he taught me was trust, even whenever I might mess up, and Im prone to messing up now and then. He even treated me as a son and would even give me a fatherly hug from time time to time. On occasions we would break bread over a Thanksgiving dinner or go to Frankenmuth Michigan for a birthday chicken dinner.
I remember one time we were headed to Ashland Ohio to do a little evangelism work at a church. On the way he got tired and I was asked to drive his white Cadillac To that was a l trusting thing to do.

Pastor Blue and I started churches, preached in nursing homes, even went even to Wawa Canada to do the work of an evangelist. Taught various other churches about evangelism and how to go about it.

When he died I had to ask God what was on next on the agenda. And He replied, "Do what you've been taught." Well, dear reader, all I know is the following, I know Jesus who is the Christ who was crucified buried and rose the third day. And I know how to tell other about my risen Lord and Savor.

Pastor Blue, know this please: I wish you were here to love and hug your wife, children and grandchildren. I'd trade my place for you so you could do that all over again. Frankly, sir, I am Jealous of you

Today I heard the following song and all those feelings of the loss hit me all over again. And I could not hold back the tears.  I hope Pastor Blue you hear this from heaven just once.....

Elvis Presley - You'll Never Walk Alone (Gospel)

Elvis Presley - Glory Glory Hallelujah

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Elvis Presley - Gospel Songs - Traditional Hymns - (Hinos Tradicionais)

David Wilkerson - The Great and Final Apostasy | Must Hear